Update 0.4 - These rules can be changed at any time. Read the rules regularly to know about any updates. The last update was made on 16/05/2020!

Prohibited players:
  1. Offensive or inappropriate messages;
  2. Providing / requesting information for violation of the regulation;
  3. Advertise on other servers, websites or games;
  4. Using bugs;
  5. The use of any other client other than the official one, updated;
  6. Use of hacks or bots;
  7. Trading of accounts, items, yang or other goods between servers, for real money or any other goods other than those on our server;
  8. Spawn area of ​​bosses in map1 / map2;
  9. To disturb the players who farm, by deliberately attacking them or by "getting in on it" when they attack a map boss;
  10. Entering the Metin Stones farm over other players, when your level is too high or too low;
  11. Death repeatedly with intend in the National War;
  12. To disturb other players by attacking them from a character below level 15 without damage;
  13. Request for items / yang / team favors;
  14. Threats to the server;
  15. Assuming false identity (of other players or team);
  16. Disruption of events;
  17. Refusal to justify the money / items and to show or to show them to the team;
  18. Refusal to listen to directions or not to respond private messages of the team;
  19. Posting discussions with team members without their consent;
  20. Unfounded accusations made to the team;
  21. Testing the team's knowledge;
  22. Leaving the character (or characters) AFK in order to farm - will be considered as using of cheats;
  23. Create more accounts (or characters) than you need for obtain advantages from events or basic items (start items);
Helps/Moderators forbidden everything that is in the rules of the players and in addition:
  1. To abuse the degree;
  2. Account and password request;
  3. Leaving the AFK character;
  4. Ignoring players who give a private message with server questions;
Prohibited GM/SGM/GA:
  1. Offensive or inappropriate messages;
  2. Favoring certain players;
  3. To receive donations of any kind;
  4. Offering items / yang / upgrade or any other goods / services;
  5. To sanction without reason and without keeping and handing over evidence to Okami;
  6. To abuse the degree;
  7. Account and password request;
  8. Leaving the AFK character;
  9. Leaking the game future updates and/or ideas;
Account and account security:
  1. It is your duty to make sure your account data is secure!
  2. Sharing this data with someone else means losing the credibility of the claims made in case of loss of account or items.
  3. The team will never ask for your login details (account and password).
  4. The team does not guarantee the recovery of lost content due to the negligence of the players or the lack of preventive security measures.
  5. Dragon coins and Dragon chips will disappear if you have not logged in for the last 365 days.
Please report any player / team member of the Ancient2 private server, if it has violated this regulation!
Trading of accounts / yang / items on the server is allowed (only on the server), we recommend that you call a STAFF member to mediate the trade, otherwise we cannot offer you further support in case of a spike.
The Ancient2 or Ancient Games private community team is here to ensure that the game is within the rules.
Our team can make whatever decision is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the game.
You are obliged to respond to private messages sent by the Ancient2 private server team, if after a certain period of time you do not reply, the use of illegal software will be considered to maintain your online character (farm, fish, mining, etc.).

* Banned accounts will lose all "Dragon Coins" and "Dragon Chips"!
* No member of the game can invoke, as an excuse for violating this regulation, the fact that he did not know about his existence!
* The following sanctions will be used to keep the game running smoothly: warnings, delusions, moves, temporary bans, permanent bans!

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