Metin2 P Server



    2020-06-24 19:28:17

    Last changes:

    • When you login for the first time you'll get a mission "Free Mount", talk with Stable Boy (available for already created characters also), the mount will give you 1.500 HP and Strength Against Monsters +15% (valid 14 days).
    • Green / Purple potion can now be used once then you have to wait for effect to done (including visual effect when activate them).
    • When you open a quest the loading time is more faster.
    • During farming or leveling up, after killing a mob it will dissapear in 2 seconds to avoid lag.
    • Demon Tower is full functional now.
    • Guild comment it's now protected against flood.
    • Multiple small changes about the server's performance.
    • Energy system and Fragments now available.
    • You can now trade your pet.
    • 10k damage in V3 beginning has been fixed at the mobs.
    • Snow texture fixed (some maps won't support so switch to normal texture).
    • Environment system available in "Option" menu (switch to snow/normal texture, snow in game, day/night).
    • Clam removed from Fisherman and Fishing been improved against so-called "fishbots".

    For this update and not only, special thanks to [GA]MosulWTF